Last Outdoor Training Day of 2018

Greetings WRC Members!

Our outdoor training day will be this Sunday, Aug 5 from 7:45 am-5 pm. Training Day will be held at the Coon Rock Horse and Hunt Club (6180 Erdman Rd, Arena, WI 53503.) Please note there is a $3 collar fee.

Bird orders need to be submitted to our Training Director, Jacob Zeuske, no later than Noon on Friday, Aug. 3. Jacob will confirm your order upon receipt.  We will not bring extra birds on the day of training, so please order in advance. 

We have the following birds available: 

  • Quail: $6
  • Chukar: $8.50
  • Pheasants for NA only: $9.75
  • Ducks: $13.50

Kevin Seymour will supply the main dish for lunch on training day. Please consider bringing a dish to pass.

Member Shawn C. Bogdanske, veterinarian at Lodi Veterinary Care, will be giving a First Aid demonstration.

Be sure to bring a tie-out stake, check cord and leash, training collars, bird bag, and water for your dog. Bug repellent is also recommended. The chapter will have a limited supply of bird bags available for purchase at $30/each. Due to an insurance policy requirement, please remember that only break action, single or double barrel guns are allowed. Semiauto or pump shotguns are prohibited in the training field. Everyone in the field should also have an article of blaze orange on.

Remember to bring cash or checkbook for bird, collar and membership fees. If you haven't already, please renew your membership. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
All the best,
Rachelle Blair-Frasier

First Outdoor Training Day this Weekend

Hello WRC Members,

Our first outdoor training will be held Saturday, March 25th beginning at 8am at the Mazo training grounds pavilion. Please see the training page for info on location and items that are helpful to consider/bring along.

As is usual in the spring, birds are hard to come by.  This spring is turning out to be an especially difficult one for many dog clubs, from what I hear.  Luckily we have prior arrangements and will be offering quail at $7 each.  Please respond to me with bird orders by 9:00am Thursday 23rd.  Also include in your email your testing/training goals for the season, your and your dog's experience level, and any special topics you are interested in seeing demonstrated or learning about during the season.

Steve Ohs (chapter's new Secretary) will be supplying chili for lunch's main dish.  Give him a hand by letting him know what side dish you will contribute:

Hope to see you there!

Jacob Zeuske
WRC President

Outdoor Training Dates on the Calendar

The calendar has been updated with our outdoor training dates for the upcoming training season. If you use Google Calendar (I recommend it) or another calendar application like Microsoft Outlook, you can click on the individual events on the calendar page and you will see links for "Google Calendar" and "ICS". For Google Calendar, just click that "Google Calendar" link and it will open the Google Calendar page and prompt you to save the event to your calendar. For Outlook, click "ICS" and that'll download a file you can add to your Outlook Calendar.

This way you won't miss any training days :)

- posted by Justin Stauffer

Annual Meeting

The chapter's annual meeting is coming up this coming Sunday (check out the Calendar for details on time and location). All members are encouraged to attend so you can hear about the direction of the chapter and also provide your own thoughts on things the chapter should focus on in the future.

The Executive Committee also met on January 3rd to plan for the training and testing year ahead. The minutes from that meeting are available for you to view ahead of the all-member annual meeting.

posted by Justin Stauffer

Winter Update

Hunting season is slowing down now for me and probably many other members since we have cold weather and potentially deep snow restricting travel. As long as the weather is not too far below freezing and the snow depths are not high, I plan to get out grouse hunting as much as I can before the season closes in Wisconsin's northern zone at the end of January. Here's to hoping for some warmer winter weather! Our fall was certainly a hot one...

We should have some indoor training dates posted to the calendar soon. I believe we're planning on a couple of days at the UW Stock Pavilion to work on obedience type stuff for the younger dogs. It's also good for socialization. I'll get those dates posted as soon as they're finalized.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and hunting season -- soon we will be training again!

- posted by Justin Stauffer

Training Season Coming to an End

Our last chapter training day of 2016 has past. Some members are still training during the week getting ready for hunting season (which is less than a month away).

We have an event scheduled this weekend (Sunday 8/28) to shoot some sporting clays at Waunakee Gun Club. The following is an excerpt from Jacob's email about the event:

The summer of training is winding down and hunting season is just around the corner.  To help the transition, we thought it would be fun to gather for a friendly round of sporting clays or two at the Waunakee Gun Club this coming Sunday the 28th around 10am until about noon.  There is no agenda, just an informal gathering of anyone who might want to get together with NAVHDA training friends and talk about fall hunting plans while brushing up the shooting skills.

If you want to join, let Jacob know via email ( so we know you're coming out.

- posted by Justin Stauffer

In Remembrance of a Friend

On Monday of this week we lost a dear friend, Vic Connors.  If you had the pleasure to meet Vic, you knew that he was genuine, full of stories, and had an amazing sense of humor.  He was proud of his wife Ginny, his children, and his grandchildren.  If you heard him talk about any of them you could see it in his eyes.

Most of us knew him because of his dedication to NAVHDA.  He founded our chapter in 1998, served as a Senior Judge for decades, and served a term as president of NAVHDA International.  He was a member who was always there to help the chapter grow and flourish with his knowledge.  Most of all he was dedicated to helping others.

Vic was involved with more than just NAVHDA.  He founded many organizations and took leadership roles when he recognized a need.  Among these organizations that we are all familiar with are the Mazomanie Grounds Association and the Friends of the Poynette Game Farm.  As hunters and dog trainers we owe a great deal to the work that Vic put in for us all.  And it should be noted that his work with dogs, NAVHDA, and our community is only one facet of his life.  He truly immersed himself in his passions.

I will forever remember him sitting in the gallery at our May test just a couple weeks ago telling his hunting, fishing, and dog stories with a small group gathered around.  Each story usually involved a little mischief on his part.  Everybody was laughing and having a great time.

I had a great time getting to know Vic and learned much from him.  He will be deeply missed.

- provided by Jacob Zeuske