In Remembrance of a Friend

On Monday of this week we lost a dear friend, Vic Connors.  If you had the pleasure to meet Vic, you knew that he was genuine, full of stories, and had an amazing sense of humor.  He was proud of his wife Ginny, his children, and his grandchildren.  If you heard him talk about any of them you could see it in his eyes.

Most of us knew him because of his dedication to NAVHDA.  He founded our chapter in 1998, served as a Senior Judge for decades, and served a term as president of NAVHDA International.  He was a member who was always there to help the chapter grow and flourish with his knowledge.  Most of all he was dedicated to helping others.

Vic was involved with more than just NAVHDA.  He founded many organizations and took leadership roles when he recognized a need.  Among these organizations that we are all familiar with are the Mazomanie Grounds Association and the Friends of the Poynette Game Farm.  As hunters and dog trainers we owe a great deal to the work that Vic put in for us all.  And it should be noted that his work with dogs, NAVHDA, and our community is only one facet of his life.  He truly immersed himself in his passions.

I will forever remember him sitting in the gallery at our May test just a couple weeks ago telling his hunting, fishing, and dog stories with a small group gathered around.  Each story usually involved a little mischief on his part.  Everybody was laughing and having a great time.

I had a great time getting to know Vic and learned much from him.  He will be deeply missed.

- provided by Jacob Zeuske