First Outdoor Training Day this Weekend

Hello WRC Members,

Our first outdoor training will be held Saturday, March 25th beginning at 8am at the Mazo training grounds pavilion. Please see the training page for info on location and items that are helpful to consider/bring along.

As is usual in the spring, birds are hard to come by.  This spring is turning out to be an especially difficult one for many dog clubs, from what I hear.  Luckily we have prior arrangements and will be offering quail at $7 each.  Please respond to me with bird orders by 9:00am Thursday 23rd.  Also include in your email your testing/training goals for the season, your and your dog's experience level, and any special topics you are interested in seeing demonstrated or learning about during the season.

Steve Ohs (chapter's new Secretary) will be supplying chili for lunch's main dish.  Give him a hand by letting him know what side dish you will contribute:

Hope to see you there!

Jacob Zeuske
WRC President