Last Outdoor Training Day of 2018

Greetings WRC Members!

Our outdoor training day will be this Sunday, Aug 5 from 7:45 am-5 pm. Training Day will be held at the Coon Rock Horse and Hunt Club (6180 Erdman Rd, Arena, WI 53503.) Please note there is a $3 collar fee.

Bird orders need to be submitted to our Training Director, Jacob Zeuske, no later than Noon on Friday, Aug. 3. Jacob will confirm your order upon receipt.  We will not bring extra birds on the day of training, so please order in advance. 

We have the following birds available: 

  • Quail: $6
  • Chukar: $8.50
  • Pheasants for NA only: $9.75
  • Ducks: $13.50

Kevin Seymour will supply the main dish for lunch on training day. Please consider bringing a dish to pass.

Member Shawn C. Bogdanske, veterinarian at Lodi Veterinary Care, will be giving a First Aid demonstration.

Be sure to bring a tie-out stake, check cord and leash, training collars, bird bag, and water for your dog. Bug repellent is also recommended. The chapter will have a limited supply of bird bags available for purchase at $30/each. Due to an insurance policy requirement, please remember that only break action, single or double barrel guns are allowed. Semiauto or pump shotguns are prohibited in the training field. Everyone in the field should also have an article of blaze orange on.

Remember to bring cash or checkbook for bird, collar and membership fees. If you haven't already, please renew your membership. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
All the best,
Rachelle Blair-Frasier