We are versatile pointing gun dog enthusiasts with a passion for training and hunting with our dogs.


We have joined together for training and testing to improve our dogs, enhance our dog handling abilities, and ultimately improve the versatile breeds.

We are centered in Dane County and serve primarily the south central Wisconsin area. Our membership has a mix of experienced and novice handlers who love working together to share their knowledge and experience in the development of our versatile hunting dogs.  Some members are passionate hunters and trainers who are striving for a NAVHDA prize, while others are simply interested in improving their dog’s hunting skills at our monthly training days. Whatever your interest or level of experience, we will help you achieve the best for you and your dog.

The Wisconsin River Chapter of NAVHDA (WRC) has a cooperative spirit that encourages all members to actively participate in the Chapter activities. We encourage members to volunteer for various tasks, from coordinating a lunch at a training day to working at one of the test events sponsored by our Chapter.

All handlers benefit from attending chapter activities. These include training days, handler clinics, training seminars, apprentice judge training, spring and fall tests, e-collar and equipment training, mock tests, and veterinary health advice.

Sounds great but what do I get as a member of WRC?

As a member of WRC you will find new friends dedicated to helping you train your dog to be a pointing and retrieving hunting companion. Our members help form a buddy system for training, providing the necessary support while you learn to train. You will be ensured access to grounds and birds for training, and if you are interested, you can test your dog's abilities as a versatile gun dog. NAVHDA tests are not competitive -- all dogs are measured against the same standard and do not compete against each other. You will have access to this website and chapter emails and meetings to inform and educate you about NAVHDA and WRC activities. NAVDHA International has additional support that you can check out at www.navhda.org.

How do I join?

Fill out the Membership Form and send it with payment to the chapter treasurer listed in the form.


This is an independent web site maintained by the Wisconsin River Chapter of NAVHDA (WRC NAVHDA). The Wisconsin River Chapter does not and is not authorized to speak or act on behalf of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Inc. The accuracy of any statements or information posted on or derived from the use of this web site is not verified, and may not reasonably be relied on.